Frontier+IA = Frontieria

Frontieria Company is a digital marketing firm based in the Philadelphia PA metro market. Started in 1997, Frontieria partners with companies who are determined to increase ROI from online and digital operations. Like capturing the beauty of a sunset on film, success takes commitment and timing.

"Our goal is to be a trusted partner -- more than a service provider -- and allow you to concentrate on what you do best. We expect to earn that trust through knowledge, experience, performance and integrity."
Tim Kearns
Founder, Frontieria Company

From The Beginning

Frontieria was founded in 1997 with one client, a publisher of psychological tests. We built their first web site and helped them convert from paper–administered testing to online-administered and scored testing. As access to their tests became worldwide, online revenue increased while reducing costs. Today, Golden LLC is a world leader in psychological testing and training.

Word of Mouth

Frontieria grew into an internet business development firm (the terms “SEO” and “digital marketer” didn’t exist) closely serving a handful of client organizations. We offered web server solutions, e-commerce applications, web design and search engine optimization (SEO) to small, medium and large-sized organizations. What they all had in common was being market leaders with a competitive advantage and a strong desire to “be found” on search engines

Future Frontier

We believe the future is so exciting. The digital transformation has just begun. We are committed to working closely with a small number of organizations and serve as their partner in helping to capitalize on the future. Being more a “boutique” -sized firm, we can respond quickly to your needs. And you will always be served by the owner of firm.

You will always be served by the owner

Frontieria: Alpha to Zeta

Success From the Start

Our first client grew to an international success and was acquired by a major international testing publisher in 2004.

Organic: Page 1, Number 1

Proven track record of attaining #1 of Page 1 organic results on Google for nearly every SEO project ever undertaken.

Organic vs Paid

In 1997, we used to read server acccess logs to understand how site visitors were reaching client sites. In 2000, we navigated through the wave of costly pay-per-click campaigns. Still today, we are expert organic SEO marketers.

Amazingly Responsive

No one likes to be kept waiting - not you, not your customers. We are very responsive to client communications and project schedules.

We Are Owners & Operators

Frontieria owns and operates successful online businesses with online sales. Its how we hone our digital marketing craft.

Web Server Background

Frontieria has managed web servers since 1997. We understand how consumers interact with the web sites from a server perspective, giving us a deeper understanding of the analytics.

Contact Frontieria Today

We encourage you to reach out to us by email or phone. You will be contacted by a real live person, not an AI chatbot or an autoreply.

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